All of my friends hate me and constantly attack me. I'm annoying rude and clearly none of their time. My life goes from one extreme to the other. One day I'm so happy and the next I could get hit by a bus and that would be the greatest moment of my day. The worst part is when the extremes change very quickly. I wake up ecstatic and get to school where all my friends hate me. Then third and fourth period I'm good. Then get home to read horrible texts that attack me some more. I'm so lost and done
Asked by: Anonymous

hey hey hey

breathe and stay calm

i know now you might feel like shit but i promise you, its not worth feeling like this. i know how it feels to get attacked by your friends, but i will let you in on something. it might seem hard to leave them behind,but you will feel better if you do. i lost a hell of a lot of friends because of a decision i made for happiness but now i look back and realize i dont need them.

the days seem to mix together, dont they? everything becomes a routine and it gets miserable and you just want to give up. DONT. giving up only keeps you from moving forward.

what you do about the texts are delete them before you even look at them. see that msg that someone sent you and you can tell its degrading? delete it before you even think of opening it.

if you need anything else, my inbox is still open and will stay open. 

just breathe and stay calm

I can’t fuckin sleep. Someone msg me..